people are just people like you (tiimshel) wrote in thequestionclub,
people are just people like you

for my ethics course, i have to write an analysis of a written argument. i have a choice between analyzing martin luther king, jr.'s letter from a birmingham jail and henry david thoreau's civil disobedience. i would enjoy writing about king more than thoreau, but i could probably write more about thoreau than king. which analysis should i write?

don't know/don't care/do your own fucking homework goddamn:
- my roommate wants me to start watching true blood with her, but in the one episode i tried to watch, some girl (idk any characters' names yet) gets attacked by this wolfbeast thing and this old lady doctor pours this corrosive liquid into the wounds on her back and we watch said girl writhe around screaming in agony half-naked on a table, and i had to stop watching. not that this description is totally vague or anything, but should i stop being a pussy and watch true blood anyway? i mean, is it worth it?

- name your favorite character from any tv show.
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