KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

road trip pro/con situation

Will you help me evaluate this pro/con situation?

- See my best friends who I loved and had fun with
- If I go, I am getting a rental car which will be so much nicer to drive in than my old hoopty car which is about to die anyway.
- Scratching of my ever-growing traveling itch
- A desperately needed break from my stressful job
- Possibly I can talk to and reach closure with old friends
- A week of partying like I did before I cleaned up my act and moved away, which I miss...
- Go back and visit all my old regular hangouts like the best burrito place in the USA
- Get some of my stuff that my old landlord has in storage and take it back in the car with me.
- Can get a travel companion from an internet rideboard to help with gas and soothe my urge to pick up hitchhikers

- Talk about and face up to the shitty things I did to my friends before I moved away
- Expense of rental car and gas
- Possibility of accident or damage to the rental car
- Missing work for a week decreases the paycheck that will come 2 weeks later
- My old friends and acquaintances might still think of me as a complete slut, which is how I was acting when I moved away. But I'm in a committed relationship now and I don't know if they'll take that seriously.
- My boyfriend will look down on me if I get a rental car
- Possibility of total rejection by the people I go down there to see
Tags: friendships, relationships, travel
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