Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone ever signed up for that LA Weight Loss? How was it?

Or for that matter, has anyone lost a significant (20+lbs) amount of weight in the past year?

I went on the South Beach diet late July was on it for three weeks and was exercising every other day for two weeks and of course saw improvements but situations arose and I felt low and therefore lost my drive to continue.

But I'm feeling better now and wanting to get back into losing weight.

Edit: Also, for anyone has stayed on a diet/exercise plan for an extended period of time, what do you tell yourself to keep going regardless of the improvements you've seen? I know after like a month of intent focus on this, I kind of want to take a day off from exercising and then my drive to keep working out decreases.

It's after that first month is when I begin to have problems.
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