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1. Is mental health usually covered by insurance? or does it really vary depending on the plan?

2. Do you think it would be out of line to set someone else up to see a psychologist?

- Would that answer change if you knew they had a verifiable disorder? not that they were just having a bad week or something?

- Would it depend on what disorder they had? (ie if it were physically damaging, like anorexia yes but if it were simply a mental issue, like anxiety that would probably not cause them physical harm then no?)

- Would your answer change based on their relationship to you? (acquaintance/friend/relative/close family member)

- Would your answer change based on their age? (basically minor/adult or maybe younger/peer/older?)

sorry if that was kind of long..


ETA: If you wouldn't set something up would you facilitate the person in helping themselves? Like giving them information on where they could go if they chose to?
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