alaskanigloon (alaskanigloon) wrote in thequestionclub,

I let my parents believe things that aren't exactly true. Should I tell them?

I live alone.
I have a cat.
I don't go to college.
I really AM sleeping with the person they thought that I was (although I wasn't at the time).

Also, how come there are no recruiters around this town (besides Army National Guard)? In the town that I came from (about the same size) there was a recruiter from every branch of the military, including guard and reserves.

Annoying coworker situation. How do I deal with it?
He attempts to make me feel stupid/insecure/the word that I can't think of by degrading me for not being bilingual, (KMA bitch. I speak 4 languages. I merely choose not to speak spanish at work because this is America. If they sincerely need help, then I will converse in spanish.) for being slightly slower than him with stocking some things (although I do everything else a LOT faster and better than he does.)
Can I just tell him to STFU and sit down?
(oh, they stuck him with me because he needed to be baby sat)

If you provide every bit of information about an old motorcycle (yours), do you think the dealership can make you a new key to fit it? Otherwise, how do I get a new key for this thing?

How come I am currently OBSESSED with both motorcycles and EOD?
What do you think of either topic?

How come my friends aren't happy with my wanting to become EOD? Can't they see that it is something that I would enjoy?
Tags: friendships, health, parents, vehicles, work
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