normalee (normalee) wrote in thequestionclub,

nanotubes... har har

My birthday was on Friday and when my parents asked me what I want, I jokingly said "ipod nano!" They gave me $100 to use towards whatever I want, I debated spending the money on clothes, I decided that I really do want an ipod nano. I can get a 2gig one for $179 through my Dad's work and I've already debated getting the bigger one but... I really don't think I need it. My only hard decision is color.

Black - black is cool, black shows more fingerprints, what the heck do the nano tubes look like on the black (I spent the last 20 minutes googling with no luck)?

White - everyone has a white ipod, white shows more scratches, as far as I can tell all the pictures of the nano tubes are on white ipods...

So... what do the tubes look like on the black ipod nanos and based on that, which one should I get?

Oh, and I think I'm just going to have my first name engraved on it... unless someone can come up with something better...
Tags: ipod, shopping
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