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So I downloaded the new iTunes 5.0 onto my PC. Now it's pissed me off because it didn't save my music library at all. I mean I still have all the mp3s and such on my computer, but I have to totally reload them into iTunes, figure out which I want and which I don't, it's erased all my playlists (some of which were actually pretty important), all my playcounts...

Did this happen to any of the rest of you?
Is there any way I can recover my old library instead of starting from scratch? It's an inconvenience more than anything, but I hate inconveniences. :-P
On my computer with the search function I was able to find some kind of mysterious file labelled "iTunes 4 music library" in my iTunes music folder. I told it to open with iTunes and it didn't do shit. What is this file, and can it do anything to help me?

Stupid iTunes 5.0. I don't even like how you look at all.
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