ethernetbunny (ethernetbunny) wrote in thequestionclub,


  1. I am trying to explain to a friend that he is emotionally high-maintenance -- What are good websites (but not quizzes! He won't take quizzes.) that explain this?  I tried Googling, but no cigar.  He can only understand high maintenance in terms of money: Buy expensive gifts, get taken on vacation, etc.
  2. Which is better exercise?  You need to cover the distance of a mile -- walking or bicycling.  Assume that you take the same slopey path, & you're doing both at moderate speeds & exertion.
  3. Does love really mean never having to say you're sorry?  Am I the only person who doesn't -love- this movie?  I found the girl a bit annoying.
  4. Best beauty trick?
  5. How to nap without waking up all groggy, & therefore useless for the rest of the day?
Tags: fitness, health, makeup, movies
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