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Ends justify the means?

A friend of mine was just arrested for DWI recently and he said the cops addmitingly pulled him over with out just cause. They were in an area where people generally drink and drive so they pulled him over and as luck would have it he was WAISTED!

Sooooo he is getting a lawyer to fight it, since they should not have pulled him over in the first place, he will get off as a parking ticket.

Do you think that is fair?!?!

Heres my take...

I think the cops should be punished for a non warranted pulling over.

BUT, my friend did the crime, now he should do the time. Just because the cops were not doing their job right does not excuse him of being drunk behind the wheel. He could have killed himself or his passenger, or any other innocent person. Maybe it was fate that he was pulled over? Maybe had they not stopped him, he would have had an accident?
I do not want to get too philosophical, but in short, everyone was guilty. Cops who falsly pursue crime should be punished and or fired. But a crime is a crime is a crime, I do not care how it is discovered..

What do you all think?
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