the congreve cube (leastlikely) wrote in thequestionclub,
the congreve cube

I'm in a situation where I want to give a gift, but I'm not sure what to give. Any suggestions?

On Friday I totaled my car and a former coworker of my dad's happened to live really close by (and I was more than an hour from my parents so they couldn't really come and get me) so my dad called the guy and he picked me up. He let me chill at his house for about an hour and a half, two hours... so I didn't have to wait at the sheriff's office or on the side of I-66. The man had just moved into his house and is having a housewarming party within the next few weeks, so I think my dad and I are probably going to go to the party and give him a thank-you gift then.

But I'm not really sure what would be an appropriate gift for this sort of occasion, or for this sort of man actually! He's in his 40s or early 50s, and lives with his 80+ year old mother in a huge house overlooking the 6 fairway and green on a new golf course. He's building a music room in his house, he has a hole for putting practice in his basement, he's getting a pool table, he has two black labs, and he adores President Bush. And he's a retired police officer.

Any good gift ideas? Thanks!
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