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going on a trip...

OK. first time poster. I'm going on a long trip with my dad. He's a trucker and the first stop is Chicago. I've never been past wyoming, Though ive lived in nearly every state west of montana. So this is a HUGE step for me. That and i've been married for about 13 months and this is my first night away from the husband. I bet he's thrilled;)

ON to the questions...

I have limited space, so i'm only bringing two books to read. I'm bringing "the red tent" by anita diamant. Should the second be...
A) "white oleander" by janet fitch
B)"The lovely bones" by alice sebold

What is your MUST HAVE to take on trips? cd player/ipod, books, latest knitting project etc.

IF one was going on a three week cross country trip with her dad, what should she pack?
When I get there theres only a few hours of unloading the semi and then its back on the road again, what MUST i see?

We probally will zigzag all across new england and the east coast in general for a few weeks then send me home on a grey hound. Whats your recommendations for my greyhound visit? im nervous.

Anyother tips will be greatly appreciated;)
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