Miss Survivor (kinenbi) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Survivor


So I've been watching a LOT of America's Next Top Model lately! So, TQC, I want to get your opinions!

1) What is your FAVORITE season of ANTM?
2) What is your LEAST favorite season?
3) Who is your FAVORITE winner of ANTM?
4) Who is your LEAST favorite winner of ANTM?
5) Who is your favorite and least favorite non-winner of ANTM?

My answers:
1) Season Two, surprisingly. I loved how new it still was!
2) Ugh, anything after that horrid Season 8. I felt that since Jaslene won, the quality of the models have gone down.
3) I love me some Naima! She's fierce! Also, I really like Yoanna House. She deserves more work.
4) Whitney/Jaslene! 'Nuff said. Salesha or whatever (Dora the explorer) also makes me puke.
5) I loved Kim from season 5! Fierce. I disliked Isis a LOT. I don't care if she's transgendered, I just didn't like her on the show period.

Gogo! I'm bored at work.
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