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My mother just had a hysterectomy last Thursday. Right now, she was complaining of an itchy sensastion on the incision. She looked at it and there's yellow pus mashed against the butterfly bandages on the incision. The skin is beginning to turn pink as well in that area. She called her doctor, but she's not being too helpful. (She just said, "what makes you think it's infected?" and arranged to send a prescription to Wlagreens.)

1. Is this an infection?

2. Is it safe to rub with alcohol? Or should my mom go to a doctor to get it cleaned?

EDIT-- I don't think it was an infection. She washed the pus off with warm water and I dabbed Hurt-Free anitiseptic on the incision. She has no fever or no foul smell in the area either. Thank you for your advice.
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