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Howdy. Long time lurker but now i have a question of sorts.

Okay here goes my little set up. I was sitting happily in the cafeteria with some folk and this one dude comes up who is first generation American but 100% Croatian. Now i am second gen. American 50% Croatian and 50% Ukranian second generation. I have to deal with two ethnicities as opposed to one. Okay you need to know that for the question. So i made the mistake of saying that i was 50% and he keeps on asking me things like "So why dont you go to Croatia? "You should go" "why dont you go to Croatian church?" He pretty much only talks about his ethnicity everytime i am around. Now i am all down with my ethnic background but this is starting to bother me. I mean he just acts so bloody nationalist about it and he keeps on asking me why i dont do Croatian things and tell me i should do this join that. He doesnt understand that i was born in American in American culture and not really in the ethnic community of Croatians or Ukranians. This is really bothering me and getting me upset when he starts to obsessively ask me these questions. And before i get the whole "well he just wants to be friendly and blah blah" i can tell you its not that. He talks about this stuff with everyone and he just emphasises it with me because we share the same ethnicity. I mean i am happy about my ethic backgrounds but i am not that obsessed with them and i have other interests. I just dont know how to deal with this because its getting to the point where i just want to throw my drink at him or slap him and tell him to stop being so damn nationalistic about a country he wasnt born in and stop trying to get me to be involved in it because i dont want it.

Any advice? What would you do?

Sorry about the long explaination but i dont know how else to word it and it just frustrates me.
Tags: people, relationships
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