ellafont (ellafont) wrote in thequestionclub,

I bought a Magnavox TV from Target almost four weeks ago now. For about the first week I didn't use it at all, then I unpacked it and set it up in my dorm room. Using a brand new cable, I hooked it up to the cable connection in my room. For about a day everything was working fine, and then the next day I turned on the TV and everything was fuzzy. Basically, I can't see any channels below 20 or about 40 at all and between 20 and 40, things are blurry (although watch-able, in a pinch).

So, my question is, will Target take my TV back? I just want to exchange it for the same model, and I have the receipt. Their return policy doesn't say anything about TVs specifically. I still have the box, but not the styrofoam packaging that came with it, and all the papers.
Tags: tv

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