taylor (emosouth) wrote in thequestionclub,

feel free to let me know if this has been asked recently, i haven't had a chance to go through everything asked today, but...

for those of you who don't know... if you remember the guy who went to the supreme court about his kid's being made to say the pledge of allegiance in school? his case was turned away by the supreme court--they wouldn't hear his case. he brought it again, somehow differently, and the judge in his district has agreed and has signed a restraining order forbidding the schools in his district from saying the pledge until it goes to the (currently 2 judge-down) supreme court.

only article i can find here. sorry, MTV isn't the best source.

so, anyways...

what do you all think? is having kids say the pledge constitutional / unconstitutional? do you agree with the judge, that the pledge violates the kid's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God" in schools? should the judge be signing restraining orders? etc...
Tags: politics, school, society
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