Pammy (chasing_liberty) wrote in thequestionclub,

Help me name that song!

I have found a song that I absolutely LOVE, yet I have no idea what it is. I've tried googling the lyrics, and couldn't find anything, so I thought someone here might know it. To hear it, just click HERE. It plays 3 minutes into the show, so you can just press the skip 5 minutes button and it'll take you to halfway through the song.
Does anyone know what song this is? Who it's buy? Anything?

And on a related note, do you prefer listening to the radio, or cds/mp3s? Why?
If you don't listen to the radio, where do you find out about new music?

I'm not a huge fan of the radio, because I get tired of a lot of the music played, and I find that there is always tons of commercials, and always at the same time on every station! If I'm going in the car for the five minute drive to work, I'll even bring a cd. I will listen to the Chris Moyles show on the Radio1 website though, just because I find a lot of new music on there that I don't hear here.

Most music I listen to I get suggested from friends, by reading charts/reviews, or by downloading fandom soundtracks.

Tags: music
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