Emily (amalius) wrote in thequestionclub,

 I'm going to be moving to another state either in December or January for school, and when I do, I won't have any family or friends near me.
So I have a few questions.

Should I try to do some networking now and find friends in the city I'm moving to before I move (through livejournal, craigslist, etc.)?

And what you guys recommend I do in terms of housing? I can go with student housing - it's $600 a month, and you have to share a room, but the $600 includes utilities/internet/cable. Or should I try living with a roommate off campus or renting an apartment?

I've done some research - there are relatively cheap apartments in the area, but since I can't really visit the property beforehand, and don't know what areas of town are good or bad, is this a good idea?

Thanks for reading. :)
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