Más o Menos (peradouro) wrote in thequestionclub,
Más o Menos

What kind of containers do you re-use? What do you reuse them for? 
Example: my mom used to cut the bottoms off plastic milk jugs and use them to protect seedlings. I re-use fast food foam cups at home for cold drinks.

If you use hairbands (not elastics) do you know anywhere online to get colorful ones that actually work?
The ones I find locally are all shades of brown with tiny teeth that allow the band to slip off or the hair at my temples to escape.

Play-Do, plasticine, Floam, Model Magic, regular clay, etc. Which is/was your favorite to use?

Felt-tip or roller ball ink pens?

What do you think about liquid graphite writing tools?

What's your favored writing/drawing pencil(s)?

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