Sarah (motherfuckit) wrote in thequestionclub,

hi guys

this is my first post and i hope i can get some helpful advice...

i have a chronic illness that causes a lot of pain basically when ever it wants to come with no real warning, as well as a lot of other symptoms that interfere with normal, every day life situations... i also have to walk with a cane, or use a wheelchair, and have been fighting to regain some sort of a normal existence for a long time... anyway, about two years ago my husband and i separated (this is forever, we are not just taking a break and working things out) and after that i moved back in with my parents, since i needed a lot of help with things, and couldn't do a lot on my own...

i am still legally married because i need my husband's health insurance to pay for the enormous amounts of medical bills i have as well as prescriptions... i can't work out of the house, but can do something at home that would entail the computer or something like that. i tried to get disability when i lived in co with my husband, but they told me that my husband made too much money for me to get anything (i had to apply for ssi, because i never worked long enough to pay into taxes to get normal disability, i've been sick over a decade)

now, i want to live alone, not with the help of family having to have me here, and i dont know who to ask for help or where i can get some sort of help... there are a lot of people who are sick and stuff like that that live alone, so there has to be a way i can figure this out... is there anywhere i can go for help that you know of? I live in new jersey if that helps, and i am 28.
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