perception is reality (insideand_out) wrote in thequestionclub,
perception is reality

today hit me like a ton of fucking bricks.
my dad called me and told me he couldnt pick me up from work since my car got broke down, so i had to find a ride to my house. he wouldnt tell me why, but when i called my mom to see if she could pick me up, she told me.
my brother overdosed on alot of drugs yesterday, theyre not sure what yet, but they think xanax, vicodin and methadone and is in the hospital in the ICU. my dad found him unconscious and not breathing. right now his kidneys are in failure, hes not breathing on his own, hes got brain damage and theyre not sure if hes going to wake up.
my mom said that she doesnt want me to see him, but if he hasnt woken up in two days, im going to see him. my heart is broken for him. he is my only brother, and although we've grown apart, we still grew up together and shared many good times

have you ever known anyone who had a drug problem?
anyone who died or OD'ED from it?
Have you ever had anyone close to you suffer from an addiction?

i never realized how serious his problem was until it got to this point, and its tearing me up.
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