Cassie (coldgirl30) wrote in thequestionclub,

Are my fiance and I a horrible couple for not having alcohol at our wedding?
It would cost a lot more and neither of us would drink any, and maybe a handful of family members and a handful of friends would actually drink. The reception is not at a place with a bar so that adds to the cost and the responsibility.
And mainly, I don't want anyone getting really drunk at my wedding and taking away from our day.

Just a bit of info on the situation:
If we have any alcohol we have to pay more money to have a city person supervise the reception and then provide the alcohol and find some way to get it served, but I don't believe it can be sold, we we'd be paying for it all. And the city person doesn't card so we'd have to make sure no minors are drinking.
It's at a community center, btw.

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