paisley80 (paisley80) wrote in thequestionclub,

My kid's babysitter has failed to return 2 text messages, a call, and an email on Facebook. Last time my husband and I came home after a date, we saw the light on in our bedroom, where she had no reason to be, but the light was off and she was in the living room by the time we got to the front door so I didn't say anything about it, hoping she was maybe just using my bathroom while my kid was in the tub in his bathroom.

TQC, did my kid's cute, sweet, Christian babysitter go snooping and find the things in my goody drawer and get so shocked that she's now avoiding me? Or is she just really busy because she just moved to college last week? She keeps posting status updates to Facebook, so I know she's there. I am really sad because it's very hard to find a good babysitter.

Did you ever go snooping while you were babysitting and find something good?

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