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oh hai there tea cue sea

I had a dream last night that I was going to my audition for Cinderella, and found out that my major high school crush was the director, and as I was going up to him, my clothes disappeared. I'm totally naked, and trying to cover myself up, while everyone is laughing, and I'm still having to audition.

First I have to be a scallop. So I make up this song about being a scallop in love, which began with me twirling en pointe in a circle and saying "scallop scallop scallop" over and over again. Finally I start singing about "clapping my shell to move away and landing next to another scallop to make scallopy love all day."

Then I have to enact a scene from Casablanca, and finally  he tells me to be a squirrel.

At this point I'm still naked and I have to pee, so I go up to him to ask if I can have a few minutes to pee before being a squirrel, and the only thing I can think of to help me be a squirrel is Eddie Izzard's sketch about hiding his makeup in a tree, and having the squirrel being covered in make up, and him stopping and thinking, "did I leave the gas on" "no I'm a fucking squirrel." And I can't say fuck in front of kids its horrible and then I woke up cause I really really had to pee.

WTF does this dream mean?

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