Sarah (crayola_bomb) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What is your livejournal story? How long ago and where did you get into it, and at what times did you use it more or less?

In elementary school, I found it. Tried it. Got bored. In high school, it became super popular really quickly, so I went back to it (peer pressure word) and wrote almost every day. Sometimes twice. Oi. Then I slowed down halfway through high school, used it casually.Oh, and up until grade ten, it was public but that changed to friends only. Used it casually at university, fairly frequently when I worked out of province for half a year, and now, maybe I write 4 times a month..... hmmm....

2. What was the last bit of technology you came across that really impressed you?

A friend of mine was playing a flipbook drawing game on her DSi tonight, and there is a tool that will colour in an object IF YOU BLOW ON THE SCREEN!!! Neat.

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