Z. (sundayisdown) wrote in thequestionclub,

The hard drive of my macbook is very faulty and requires replacing. However, the latch that releases the battery (the one you turn with a coin) and thus allows access to it is broken. It will turn, but no longer releases the battery, suggesting the mechanism that connected it to the battery is broken.

This is essential to any operation involving removing the top case as it is attached to the battery's housing. Therefore, I need a way to release the battery or to remove the top case without removing the battery; I am willing to risk damage as the macbook is completely useless with the present hard drive.

Do you know a course of action that can allow me to proceed to get into my macbook?

p.s. As I am not under warranty, I can't involve Apple in this - I can't afford to pay someone £70 an hour, sadly. (by the way, I'm clearly in the wrong job).
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