im thinking of what sarah said... (dreamlessmuse) wrote in thequestionclub,
im thinking of what sarah said...

Body Hair Attack!

TQC, what is a more subtle, sneaky way of going about getting my SO to attack the small region of hairs he has between his brows? 
It isn't quite a unibrow but it has more potential than I'm comfortable with.

We live 400 miles apart currently, so when I have seen him it wasn't a big worry.
But come December 1st we will *hopefully* be sharing a place in the same city.

We have completely separate styles and grooming regimens...I don't ever speak a work about his ratty clothes, hippie shoes or god forbid the big leather hat, but we have to do something about those brows.

For his last trip to visit me (which will probably be the last time I see him for six to eight weeks), he tagged along with me to get my hair done. He went off on his own to a coffee shop for most of it, but came back towards the end and talked with another stylist there about trying to perfect the "rockabilly" hairstyle he wants. He said that once he moves up here he will probably make a hair appointment, and I figured I could talk to the stylist and see if she could politely suggest a little wax to clear that right up.

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