unfriendly white hottie (raptorwrath) wrote in thequestionclub,
unfriendly white hottie

I woke up this morning and could barely breathe because of all the phlegm in my throat. I'm also nauseous and have bad diarrhea. I haven't been sick in almost 4 years and can't get to the doctor until tomorrow. What over the counter med should I get that covers sore throat/nausea/explosive diarrhea? Also, there is no cough with my sore throat at this time.

I had to call into work today for the first time in over a year. When was the last time you had to call in and why?

Should I download the Friday the 13th movies or Nightmare on Elm Street series? It's a rainy ass day & I want to drug myself up and watch bitches get slashed.

Recommendations for other horror movies are also welcome :)

edit: Will you also tell me funny stories about being sick to cheer me up?
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