Becca (g0omba) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok, so I'm out here in the town where I'm staying for school. I need to find a job here. I've only had 2 "real" jobs before (when I was younger I did a lot of 'under the table' work for neighbors and such). One I acquired because it was working for a family friend, and the other I went through the traditional process.

How should I go around looking for a job? See where's hiring and go there? Or go places that I'd be interested in working and ask?

And how do you ask? "Are you hiring?" "Could I have an application?" etc.

What else should I do today? I'm stuck at my boyfriends house/can't move into my apartment yet/don't have any friends around here really. And I have no money. And it's raining.

Help me TQC!!
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