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Job woes

I applied for a job last week as a swim instructor for a local chain of swim schools. My season teaching lessons had ended and this swim school runs lessons year round. I applied and gave my application to the manager who seemed to be really impressed with it, stating "Wow, you are certainly qualified.. are you sure you want to work here? They pay isn't what you are used to". I said yes, I really did want to work there as I love teaching lessons. He had me fill out my schedule that I am able to work and said that all he needed to do was to talk to his assistant manager. He shook my hand, told me his name and said he would be "definitely" giving me a call.

It's been a week and I haven't heard anything. Would it be bad manners to call and ask the status? I figured I would have heard something by now before I go and apply to the other schools in the area.
If it is too early, how long should I wait?

The swim school job would be Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I figure I can handle this while taking 23 credits this semester at school. I have a second interview for a job today that would be weekends for a job that I am not really sure I would want. I am also getting a research assistant position this semester that is more important then these jobs.

Am I doing myself a huge disservice by going to this interview? I figure it can't hurt and right now, I am unemployed (though I do have some savings).

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