The Sassy Wench (sassy_wench) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Sassy Wench

Lawyer TQC!

My good friend was fired from his job at a high school as a drum teacher because of allegations from 3 students (who involved their parents) of sexual harrassment. In reality, these students are lying to get him fired because they feel he's too tough in grading and want someone easier. They gave him no chance to explain or defend himself, and it seems like they let him to go avoid bad publicity and a messy court case from the parents.

There are hundreds of students at the school and private students that know he's an awesome teacher, but the school is more concerned about avoiding bad press and a fuss from the PTA than finding out the truth.

My question is- can he do anything about this? Does he have a case to take to court, and is there any way to prove they are lying? I've known him for many years and this is *ridiculous*-there isn't even a thread of truth
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