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I have a very low sex drive. Chalk it up to stress, bad previous relationships, medication, my fibromyalgia, or whatever, but I haven't felt any real lust since I was about 16. (I'm 19 now.) I've gotten used to it; however, the one thing I can't get used to is the guilt - my boyfriend of two years, you see, has the highest sex drive of anyone I've ever encountered.

We've battled and battled over this and basically worked it out best as we can figure out...but he looks at porn constantly in order to get his fix. I have no problem with the porn (it itself - I know guys do their thing - I used to watch porn back when I was horny...) but I'm extremely, terribly, horribly jealous, and it's killing both my self-esteem and what fragile respect for women I had left.

Tags: advice, girl bits, relationships, sex
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