Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

say your name is on the lease of where you currently reside. you have been renting out a room to another person for almost a year, and you are also living with your SO. so it's you, your SO and another person living in one household. because your SO is always home with you, is it ok for you to ask the other tenant to tell you whenever his/her SO is coming over/sleeping over? should their SO be allowed over whenever the other tenant wants?
keep in mind that they don't make much noise or take up the living room/kitchen space, they just keep to themselves in their bedroom.

eta: yes i'm the one with the visiting SO, lol. my SO is currently in a shitty living situation (he doesnt have a place to live, is just squatting at a friend's who are living with 8 other people, he doesnt have his own room or bed currently and is waiting to hear from some agents in the meantime) and the only place we can hang out is my place (we're both broke right now so dinners out are a no-no). we stay in my room for the most part. he barely even showers here so we're not being disruptive or loud or anything. it's just such a pain having to text my housemate "hey is it ok if my SO comes over tonight pleasee?" everytime when she doesnt even see him D: i told her she doesnt need to tell me when she has friends over, because they keep to themselves and dont disturb me in any way. i know it's common courtesy, but having to ask her... really?? 
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