Galant Gadabout (roc441) wrote in thequestionclub,
Galant Gadabout

I hate, hate, HATE shopping for shoes.

After three years of faithful service, I have officially walked a hole through the bottom of The Grey Clogs That Go With Everything(tm). I thinks its time I retired them. I don't mind paying a lot for a pair of shoes so long as I know that they:

A. Are going to last.
B. Are comfortable.
C. Will match just about everything in my (mostly casual) wardrobe, because to me time spent picking out what shoes I'm going to wear is time wasted.

Absolutely NOT heels, I can't wear men's shoes comfortably, and preferably not tennis or athletic shoes, and if at all possible something that can be worn in all seasons.

So, Any suggestions?

I'm not exactly asking for a specific shoe, but are there any brands should I check out or stay away from? Any styles I should look at? Any other advice to give a girl not well versed in the ways of footwear?
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