purp1eskies (purp1eskies) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok I just seriously messed up my computer. I use a mac and it was in the middle of installing some system updates when I accidentally held down the power button and shut it off. Now when I turn it on it only gets past the first screen (with the apple on a grey background) before a screen full of numbers and strange words show up and a warning box pops up in the middle telling me i need to restart my computer by holding down the power button in 6 different languages. But when I do that the same thing happens. I'm posting under Windows, which I have installed using Bootcamp and I can boot it before the error screen comes up.

WHAT SHOULD I DO?? It's been a year since I got it and I don't have Applecare (stupid, I know). Is there anything I can do before I contact customer support? Has this happened to any of you before? Please help!!!
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