Rhea (xxxnevermorexxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know nothing of furniture and need to purchase some, mad-fast. Is a full-sized bed/futon big enough for two (fairly skinny) people to sleep on without hating each other? For a sense of perspective, two people in a twin bed is not great but is manageable to me, but only for a few nights. I know larger than full size would probably be ideal, but we're talking about dorm space here. Should I look for something larger?

For funsies:
How much space do you personally need to be comfortable sleeping?

Where is the weirdest or most uncomfortable place you have ever slept or tried to sleep?
(Me: Probably in a fetal position on an airplane with my feet on the fold-down tray table. I know that's sort of gross because people eat off of there, but this is what happens on transatlantic flights when one becomes delirious with exhaustion.)
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