pastorlenny (pastorlenny) wrote in thequestionclub,

Save a life

OK, TQC, let's see if the hive mind is collectively capable of rescuing a fallen human being from the very depths of despair.

This evening as I was doing my usual Saturday night street thang, I encountered a young homeless man who gave me quite the hard-luck story.  I am inclined to accept it.  But the bottom line is that he is homeless and -- here is where I really need your help -- he is totally without any ID whatsoever.

I am in New Jersey.  He was born in Puerto Rico.  He did, at one time, attend a local community college.  He also at one time had a driver's license.  But now he has not a single document to prove his identity.  This obviously creates all kinds of logistical difficulties, especially in terms of getting him social services and/or a jobba-wobba.

So tell me TQC.  How do I help this unfortunate fellow creature secure some sort of legal identification for hisself?

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