kate1809 (kate1809) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've tried Google, and it's been no help. So I seek your wisdom and guidance.

My computer currently says that it is connected to my network with "Excellent" signal strength. I can get on Skype with no problem, and iTunes has no trouble connecting to the internet. However, for the past couple weeks my browsers have been acting screwy. It all started when I downloaded Google Chrome, which worked okay but then stopped allowing me to type in web addresses. I had to do a Google search, and even then I often got a message saying the page could not be displayed, or the address was wrong. So I switched back to Firefox, and the problem continued. Now I'm on Internet Explorer, and it's working a bit better, but images still don't load very well. On all the browsers, I would occasionally get a page to come up, but it looked like it was an all-text version or something.

Any ideas what could be going on?
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