Danielle Eyre (blueangeldanie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Danielle Eyre

Three questions
One needs an actual explination
one is cause I am a shopaholic
one is because I am confused

1. I was dating a guy in another state (we'll call him "C"), I moved back home to help my mother out after a car accident and now I am living with another guy (We'll call him "B".) I really did love C, but we had alot of problems. He is alittle crazy, when I moved back home I hadn't intended on staying but because things had gone so wrong between us I didn't want to go back, as soon as I made the choice to not go back, I wanted him even more. Now that I am living with B, I like it. The only thing is that I am not as happy as I was with C. I can give you a million reasons why I like or don't like each of them. The delema is now C wants me to move home, back with him. He's offering all the things I have wanted out of him for over a year. You can read my live journal to get more info. I am just confused... so question one is should I stay or should I go?

2. I have no place to go but I am in love with this dress should I buy it and what color?? it comes in deep red, aqua, black or white. I love strapless, I don't think white would work it might look too much like and informal wedding dress.


Ok the third is easy and someone has to know it.
Where does the expression blown to smithereens come from????
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