obviously not paying attention (ririkit) wrote in thequestionclub,
obviously not paying attention

I recently inherited a rather old digital camera. Because of extreme laziness, I didn't think to test it out until now and I leave for a very extended trip in about 5 hours. (The camera requires 4 AA batteries, which was a major reason why I've never used it.)

There are still no batteries for the camera. There are two smart cards that may or may have stuff on them. My laptop has a smart media port and I've installed the software that I was given but my computer doesn't seem to notice it was there. I've also tried to use a card adapter (that said compatibility with Windows NT is not guaranteed, which might date the thing,) but that didn't work either.

1) What am I doing wrong?

2) Are the drivers to old for my operating system?

3) Would this be a good point to "accidentally forget" the camera so I don't have to find the space to pack all of its peripherals?
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