Zee (lucid_fragments) wrote in thequestionclub,

piercing question

Thanks to everyone for the advice on getting my computer's hard drive wiped clean!

Last Friday I got my ears pierced at Zebra's in Berkeley and I'm trying really hard to make sure they don't get infected.

Is it normal for them to start to itch? Obviously I'm afraid to touch them, and I also know I'm not supposed to over clean them because that can lead to an infection as well. They gave me solution and I got sea salt. I was told to use the solution twice a day and the sea salt only once at night for about 15 minutes. I'm making sure to tie my hair up and use clips to keep any stray hair away from my ears so the oils don't irritate them.

Also, for the record this is my third attempt at getting a second piercing, my last two ended up with infections [first time they got infected during the fourth week and the second time on the fourth day], so I'm really worried that this is going to lead to another infection.
Tags: health
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