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Broken DVD player, PS2..

In the past few months, my DVD/VCR combo has stopped working. Well, just the DVD part, the VCR part still works fine. The rotating CD icon pops up and goes forever.. That indicates that it is reading the CD. Just last night, my PS2 stopped working. I can still check my memory card, and system configuration.. but the discs are not working. It says 'Reading Disc...' for a while and then 'Disc Read Error'. Since my DVD player broke, I've been using the PS2 to watch movies and now I am devoid of any sort of player, which makes me a sad panda, since I am a huge movie buff. I've got 4 waiting for me to watch and I've got nothing to watch them on.. Oh well, I guess I can break out some old VHS tapes until I get it fixed. It just IRKS me that ONLY the DVD part stops working, as if I really am using it too much or something. Before this, about 2 years ago, I had ANOTHER DVD/VCR combo that stopped working. I gave it to my mom's boyfriend to check out and he plugged it in and it worked. Now -- In the past 3 years, I've apparently worn out 3 different devices, or at least that's how it seems.

How often do you REALLY have to buy a DVD player? It really doesn't seem to me like a once a year/once every two years kind of thing.

Anyone have ANY ideas on how to get this stuff working? I already unplugged the PS2, got all the dust off and such..

Am I cursed to have shitty luck with these sorts of gadgets or what!? It seems like madness... (Rhetorical, does it still count? heh.)

Most "under-rated" film, in your opinion?
Best band no one's ever heard of?

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