(that girl) (likelyme) wrote in thequestionclub,
(that girl)

Can someone explain how to work a wireless router?
This was bought for me: http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=316
...and hooked up by someone else. I never saw a manual or installation CD or anything else. It's plugged into my mother's computer right now (I think it steals some internet from her and transmits it wirelessly to me? /shrug)
Anyway, said person who hooked it up for me seems to have diverted it from it's original main purpose - to supply my computer with an internet connection. He's done this by plugging a my router into a little router under the TV, which leads to his bedroom and is plugged into two other computers in there (via lan)

So, can you explain how I can reclaim my internet connection by moving the router to my bedroom? Would that work or does it need to be hooked to my mother's computer?
Tags: computers, the internet
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