KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

calling all amateur dentists

As a person who rarely gets to go to the dentist, I don't know if my teeth are in as bad shape as I think they are.

When I was a kid I had this consultation with an orthodontist who insisted I needed braces. He was right, I have a terrible overbite as a result of thumbsucking when I was little. Anyway my mother couldn't afford braces or even headgear, and nor can I, so here I am as a young adult with severe overbite.

In addition to that I've noticed that the teeth in the back of my mouth seem like they're getting too close together. When I floss I usually break the floss when I get between those back teeth because they're so close together at one point on the sides about 1mm away from the gumline that I have to really sort of gently force the floss in there and if I am not careful the floss just breaks as it tries to get between the teeth. Whereas the teeth toward the front of my mouth don't touch each other at all. And now I'm noticing that those teeth hurt, as if they really are pushing on each other pretty hard. Stuff like chicken and celery, etc, gets caught between them all the time and after I try flossing it out I notice the pain more.

I don't know anything about wisdom teeth, never consulted a dentist about it... is this an indication that mine are growing in wrong? Or would they have already grown in and I never noticed (I am 24)? Or are my teeth just already so out of shape that as they settle into their adult life they're crowding each other?
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