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Random Questions

1. It's been four years since 9/11. In the days following 9/11, did you think that everything that has happened as a result (Homeland Security in the US, war on Iraq, bombings in Madrid and London, etc.) was something that would be likely to happen? What did you think would happen in the world?

2. Why do people pay lip service to tolerance, when they're really very intolerant people? Why can't people simply admit that they're not tolerant of certain things/viewpoints/people/etc.?

3. What's the easiest and fastest way to pack for a move, for someone who hates packing for moves?

4. Related to that: There is a LOT of furniture that needs moving (several beds, several huge dressers, bookcases, tables, etc.) but you're only moving a block or so away (let's say about.... 250 metres/275 yards). You have a bunch of friends who are willing to help in the move. Do you rent a moving van, when the van itself would probably only be covering 150 metres/165 yards of that distance, and the rest would need to be carried anyways?

5. Anybody know where I can find some good generic Slytherin-themed icons? Searched through Harry Potter icon communities, as well as the slytherinicon community, and can't turn up anything but character icons. I know I saw some a long time ago, but can't find them now when I want to use them. Grr.

6. I just recently read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and I loved it - mostly the setting. Can anyone think of any other books with similar settings?

7. Due to the stupidity of my university's registration, I can't take first-year German this semester, but I can take second-year German next semester. So I'm doing that, but to get up to speed, I need to study German on my own. I was going to just get the course textbook, but being as it doesn't have a section in the bookstore, that means the professor is doing something else. Can anyone recommend some good study-on-your-own German resources? Ones that use CDs or interactive CD-ROMS preferred.
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