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Vrooooom... *crash*

For those of you who drive:
1) What year/make/model do you drive?
2) What insurance company do you use?
3) What kind of coverage do you have? (If you know.)
4) About how much do you pay? (And is that monthly, twice a year, or each year?)
5) How old are you and how long have you been driving?
6) What state are you in?

Right now I drive a poor, beat up 91 Nissan Sentra and my dad pays the insurance for me (AAA). This was an agreement we worked out when I started college - as long as I was going to school, he would pay my insurance. Great, except now I'm looking at having to get a new(er) car and he might not continue paying my insurance. So for the first time in my life, I'm going to need to score me some insurance. ((The car I'm looking at isn't all that new. It's a 94 Saturn.))

Never fear, I will of course do my homework before I get insurance. I'm just curious as to how much other people really pay. I don't know if I trust those insurance websites when they "compare with other companies."

Much thanks to all!
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