Andrea (babiecowie) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I wear to this wedding?

On saturday my boyfriend and I are going to the wedding of his friend/coworker.  Unfortunately, I don't know the couple and I have no idea what to expect.  I tried asking my bf whether they were going traditional or non-traditional, and what he thought I should do and he said "I dunno, wear something wedding-y" they sent out their invitations on the internet and he rsvp'd without me, so I have no idea what their invitations even look like. 

Any advice on what I should wear?  I'd be fine with either a skirt and nice shirt, or a dress, but I'm probably going to have to go buy something specifically for the wedding, because everything I own is either white or black, and not very wedding appropriate.

I've never been to a wedding that I wasn't actually IN, any other advice I might need?

Also, my bf and I have only been dating 4 months, and we haven't said I love you yet, I should probably avoid trying to catch the bouquet y/y?
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