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Unrelated Questions

1. Do you write reviews for what you've read/listened to/used on Amazon.com?
2. What kind of sheets do you prefer? Cotton, jersey cotton, Egyptian cotton, flannel, silk, etc?
3. Would you rather have a nice house or a nice car?
4. What is something that doesn't cost much but you spend a significant amount on throughout the week? (e.g. cigarettes, coffee)
5. This only applies if you're of college-age or older: Did you go to college? Did you finish? What is your degree in? If you didn't finish, why? Do you regret not finishing? If you're still in college, what do you intend to get your degree in? Do you want to continue your education and get your Masters of Ph.D?

1. Yes, usually.
2. Egyptian cotton (as high thread count as I can afford) during the summer and flannel in the winter.
3. Nice house.
4. Nothing, really.
5. I went for four semesters and have about 60 credits. I didn't finish because I was having personal problems. I was a French major. I don't really regret not finishing at the time, because I don't think I was ready. I think I will continue school and eventually get a degree, though I don't know in what. I don't think I'd go to the point of getting my Ph.D, but I might get my Masters, depending on the area of study.
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