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Good Game Cube Games...

I just got myself a Game Cube last week and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some good games to buy for it. It came with Metroid & Zelda: The Wind Waker, but my birthday plus all the holidays are coming up so I'm trying to think what to put onto my wish list. Please if anyone could give me some recommendations that would be great.

I also brought with it the game boy game adaptor since I still have my original Game Boy & GBA SP so any suggestions for good games for those would also be appericiated. I have no problem searcing through used games stores or eBay, just I would like some idea of what would be a good buy and what really isn't worth it.

To give an idea of what I like, since that might help the suggestions here are some of the other Nintendo Games I have/have played and liked
- Zelda [I have the original NES one on my GBA, plus Minish Cap, A Link To The Past, and Wind Waker]
- Banjo Kazooie + Banjo Tooie [N64] + Banjo Kazooie: Gruntys Revenge [GBA]
- James Bond 007: Goldeneye [N64]
- Rush 2046 [N64]
- Mario Kart Racing [N4]
- Diddy Kong Racing [N64]
- Donkey Kong Country 3 [SNES]
- Super Mario All Stars [SNES]
- Super Mario...um can't remember the rest of the name righ now but it for SNES...the first one with Yoshi

Basically I love the Zelda series and like the RP games, but also want some nice fun racing games that also allow you to goof off. I have like major ADD attacks sometimes and yeah hence why I'm posting this at 5:17am instead of doing something productive lol.

Thanks in advance and remember....growing old is mandantory, growing up is optinal :)

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