Kimberley Marie (do_not_blink) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kimberley Marie

I planning on taking a trip to Victoria to visit my best friend (who is at UVIC) and also I'm going to see this band while I'm there.

Two questions:

1. The show is being held at a bar and I am only 18. I have a few months to go before I am 19 and anyways, I don't even drink. I already emailed the girl who is organizing the show to see if she can help me out but I haven't gotten a reply. If I don't get a reply within a week, what should I do? Do you think they'd let me in with a handstamp or wristband or something? I really want to see this band and they are not coming to my city.

2. I'm planning on staying at the HI Victoria hostel while I'm there. Has anyone ever stayed there? Or in a hostel for that matter? I don't really know what I should expect and any tips would be great.
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